Monday, July 14, 2008

NDS Lite Travel Battery Charger

User Manual:

1). Connect the USB port of USB to NDS Lite cable into USB power jack, and connect NDS Lite port into NDS Lite power jack on NDS Lite charger, then turn the power swith to USB position.
2). You have to option to charge with original adaptor, connect NDS Lite port into NDS Lite power jack, then turn the switch to NDS position.
3). Place NDS Lite standby battery into charger block with correct position appointed, when battery is well-contacted, LED indicator color will occur orange, here it starts charging and the LED indicator color will occur green when battery is fully charged.
4).When there need to change battery, take out the battery on console and then fix the screw by the screwdriver attached.

buy NDS Lite Travel Battery Charger USB Cable(dark blue,light blue,white)

buy NDS Lite Travel Battery Charger USB Cable(dark blue,light blue,white)

  • Blue color NDS Lite travel battery charger
  • Package includs:Battery charger, USB cable
  • Available color: Deep-Blue, Light-Blue, White
  • Pls Remember to tell us what color would you like while payment

  • NDS Lite Recharge Station

    NDS Lite recharge station
    New Nintendo DS LITE Recharge station. Don't leave your Nintendo DS LITE on the floor, or a table laid out -- or anywhere else it could be knocked down or stepped on while charging. Keep your Nintendo DS LITE charger plugged into this recharge station and just drop the Nintendo DS LITE system on it when you're ready to charge it up! Cool blue light lets you know when the system is charging.

    NDS lite recharge station

  • 100% brand new
  • Specially used for NDS Lite console
  • simple and easy to use
  • Size:50X43X28

  • Tuesday, July 8, 2008

    Wii Steering Wheel with Stand

    Wii Steering Wheel with Stand

    It is designed in the fashion of a racing steering wheel to give you the authentic feel of being behind a vehicle. It comes along with a steering column stand to add balance and stability; eliminating any unwanted or unnecessary motion. The bottom of the stand has a suction cup that adheres securely to any flat dust-free surface and can also be adjusted according to height and angle. Simply by placing the remote in the middle of the wheel, you are ready to put the pedal to the metal and leave the competition in the dust.

     Wii Steering Wheel with Stand

    1. 100 %Brand New
    2. Quality is 100% guaranteed
    3. This racing wheel can attach on the table and give you the most
    4. comfortable racing experience
    5. 360 Degree Steering
    6. B button is exposed
    7. Meas: 62.5X49.5X48.5
    How to use?
  • Put the Wii controller on the wheel
  • Adhere the wheel to the non-dusty flat surface, press the drain button, pull up the control valve to make sure the wheel adhere to the surface tightly

  • Twist the arm adjusting button, adjust the wheel at the height that felt comfortable
  • Adjust the button's tightness according to different kinds of game to play games with the wheel at any different angle
  • After using, only need to click down the control valve to take off the wheel.
  • Wii Controller Grip

    Wii Controller Grip

    This is a white hard controller grip for wii. It is designed according to controller shape, the two grips are suitable for different kinds of people, and you can play your games freely by holding the two bars.
    Comfortable Gaming Grips for your WiiMote / FREE BONUS!

    buy  Wii Controller Grip

    1. Provides ergonomic controller pad comfort
    2. Safely attaches to your remote
    3. Secure and easy installation
    4. Extended comfort control for the rear trigger button
    5. Full access to all buttons and directional control pad
    6. Soft mounting bracket protects your remote

    Fish Pole for Nintendo Wii

    Fish Pole Rod for Nintendo Wii

    A good tool for Will game. Made from durable plastic, the Wii fishing rod is the perfect companion to the Wii's Bass Fishing game. The Wii remote and Nunchuck simply click into place and your ready to take your Wii gaming to the next level.

    Fish Pole for Nintendo Wii

    1. Use this bass fishing pole for holding the WII remote control to play Wii fishing game
    2. It makes the game easy to play with high simulation when you use the controller in the game
    3. The exquisite design and durable material provide you with great comfort and strengthen the true feeling of fishing
    4. Components can be separated for easy storage
    5. The bar can rotate for winding line
    6. Grab it now and enjoy winning the fishing game
  • Color: White
  • Material: ABS
  • Accessory ONLY. Nintendo Wii Remote control and nunchuk not included.
  • Compatible with: Nintendo Wii
  • 3-in-1 Ping-Pong Bat Kit for Wii

    3-in-1 Ping-Pong Bat Kit for Wii
    This kit listing is for a pair of Wii Ping Pong Paddles. Two Foam Rubber Padded Paddles (Wii Remote is sold seperately). Two Paddle Attachments that Snap into Handles (Wiimote not included). Authentic Feel (Requires a Wii Remote). Lightweight. Compatible with Wii Remote.

    3-in-1 Ping-Pong Bat Kit for Wii

    1. The Ping-Pong Bat Kit is used for Wii console ping-pong game
    2. Smart and cure, convenient to carry and use
    3. Good material intensity, comfortable hand feeling
    4. Player will feel playing in reality rather than simulation
    5. Easy to gain cheerfulness in the ping-pong game

    Are you willing to have more fun with your wii remote? Well here are some choice for you to choose, you will enjoy new experience with them! Action now!

    Wii Remote Controller Protector Kits

    Wii Remote Controller Protector Kits

    This combination is a protective equipment for your wii remote, colorful, stylish, and cool design, Blackhorns brand. It contains a colorful wrist strap and a remote silicon glove, the strap can prevent the remote control slipping and be thrown away, the glove can prevent the remote from shock and scratch.

    buy Wii Remote Controller Protector Kits

    1. Wii Colorful Wrist Strap
    1) Made of high quality fabric material, durable and practical
    2) This colorful product with a "Wii" logo can be used as a accouterment accessory

    2. Wii Remote Silicon Glove
    1) Durable and practial remote silicon glove, protects your remote from scratch and hit
    2) Furcal design, more convenience for installation